Meet our Crew


Derby City Dragons

Learn more about who we are, why we do this and what it has done for us.


Carol C.

Diagnosed: May 2003
Why I joined the DCD: I helped get a Dragon Boat racing team for breast cancer survivors (BCS) started while living in MN. Being part of this team not only had a  tremendous positive influence on my mental and physical well-being, it made me truly appreciate the highs and lows of literally and figuratively being “in the same boat” with other breast cancer survivors. When I first moved to KY, I wanted to continue paddling, but the closest BCS team was the Kentucky Thorough-Breasts team, out of Northern Kentucky, After spending two summers driving nearly 2 hours most Saturdays so that I could paddle, I decided to start and coach the Derby City Dragons, here in Louisville.

Debbie R.

Diagnosed:  October 2002
Why I joined the DCD:  To be involved with breast cancer survivors in a FUN physical activity and curious to learn more about dragon boat racing.  It is also a great way to share an awareness about breast cancer and survivorship.

Stacy B.


Dana R.


Kelley G.

Diagnosed: April 2003
Why I joined the DCD: I joined the Derby City Dragons to get to know new people that have had some of the same experiences I  have had  and to have fun!  Love paddling with all of you and sweating a little doing it is always worth it!

Missy W

 Diagnosed: Oct. 2006
Why I joined the DCD: I joined the DCD for the adventure! I love to hang out with my pink sisters, but doing something physical and exhilarating with them is so powerful. Paddling with the Dragons has awakened the beast within all of us, we are powerful and capable of so much more than being “victims”.

Lisa F.

 Diagnosed: January 2005
Why I joined the DCD: Wanted a support group, but didn’t want the usual kind. When I heard about dragon boating it just hit home.

Phyllis L.


Robyn V.


Suzanne C.

Diagnosed: October 2005
Why I joined the DCD: I joined the dragons for fun, exercise and adventure and it has been  a wonderful experience. I have met a great group of ladies who have shown me what being a Survivor is all about.

Gina R.

Diagnosed: Dec. 2009
Why I joined the DCD: I joined The Dragon Boat team because I wanted to enjoy the wonderful outdoors, get exercise & be with my Awesome Pink Sisters!


Georgianna D,

Diagnosed: July 2010
Why I joined the DCD:  I joined because I love the water and wanted to do something physical that would help me stay in shape. I also like the idea of being able to socialize with other breast cancer survivors.  This group shows other survivors that they can be strong and not be taken down by this awful disease.

Ellen J.

Ellen J.

 Diagnosed: June 2011
Why I joined the DCD:. To help bring awareness to the community and to get some sort of regular exercise (once I am physically able) as diet and exercise are a great way to help aid in the prevention of a recurrence.

Kim N.

Kim N.

Diagnosed: 2004
Why I joined the DCD: I joined for the physical challenge and the fellowship.